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The Otrac Group is a global supply chain manager. We source, oversee production and deliver goods. Our commitment to service provides a real added value for our customers, the majority of whom operate leading distribution and retail businesses in Africa.

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About Us

Otrac was founded in 2003 in Hong Kong as a supply chain management company. We initially established ourselves in the global supply chain management industry as a specialist in consumer electronics and later on diversified into FMCG and frozen foods. In the pursuit of global growth, we expanded our presence across Shanghai, Antwerp and Johannesburg.

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Our Business

Our extensive end-to-end solutions and constant monitoring of the supply chain at every step allow our customers to focus on their core business in a worry-free manner.

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Our Products

We source FMCG from various parts of the world, providing quality products and customized pricing solutions to our customers. Apart from canned foods, we also offer a wide choice of biscuits, sauces, tomato pastes, soft commodities and pastas.

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